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Donnerstag, 23. September 2010

Transforming an IPod Touch into an IPhone

I love the new IPhone 4 and his all features. Unfortunately the IPhone 4 costs in Germany a lot of money. There's the rub. I don't want to pay this much for a mobile phone. I have got an IPhone 2G (the oldest version) and I am pleased with it, but I have the option to sell it for the same price as I bought it.
oh god it's so sexy
The new IPod Touch contains nearly the same features (except the telephone functions). It is a lot cheaper than an IPhone 4. So why don't buy an IPod Touch instead of an overpriced IPhone 4? I asked Google whether there is a option to telephone with a IPod Touch.

The new IPod Touch even has a microphone
Yosion's idea named Apple Peel 520 adds the missing functions by putting the necessary hardware in a case. It even has a additional battery. It (seems to) works. But (of course) there are teething problems. You can't end the call if it's a incoming call. Also you can't see his telephone number.
Now I don't know what to do. Buy an IPod Touch 4 and a handy phone? But then I have two devieces with almost the same functions. Or alternatively keep the IPhone 2G... I'm confused :S


  1. If you can sell it for what you paid for it then your lucky I would do it.

  2. I dunno man. I'd save up for an iPhone, or buy an iPod Touch and just get a cheap phone on the side.

  3. I ordered the ipod touch4, still waiting for them to take the money out. I hope I can use it as a phone too.

  4. sell the iphone 2g and buy ipod touch and some blackberry ;)
    That's what I would do :D

  5. keep what you have and get the new touch!

  6. honestly, if your spedning that much on an ipod.

    Buy an iphone D:

  7. Get an Android? I don't know how much those cost in Germany either but that's always an option.

    Also, "herp derp" is a nonsensical sound. It's just some stupid onomatopoeia. :P

  8. keep with the times man, better upgrade.

  9. "You can't end the call if it's a incoming call."

    I can already see some troll calling you and then leave their phone on a table to make you spends all your minutes xD

  10. They finally took the money out for ipod 4, just wish it could be jailbreaked.


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