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Mittwoch, 22. September 2010

In the Past, everything was better

I used to go to Burger King few times a week and bought everytime a X-tra Long Chilli Cheese Burger. It costed 2,50€ (3,35$). Not very cheap but acceptable. Novadays it costs more than 4€.

World gone mad.

I would like to know how much it costs in the USA.


  1. Beef prices have really gone up in the US and the quality has gone done. All beef seems to be "Black Angus" varieties which are tender but tasteless. Sugar has gone up because higher demand from China. Wheat prices have gone up due to flooding in some places and drought in others.

  2. What a joke. Sorry I don't know cause I'm on Euro as well. But that rise of 60 percent is ridiculous.

  3. They don't have those in Canada so I wouldn't know. :(

    At least if they do, I've never had one.

  4. yep just like mcD when you would gettin a happy meal for 2bucks now u get it for 5 it sucks

  5. hard stuff, hope you get over it, cash is good anyway


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